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In June 2009, Glidden REC installed a 4.0 kW wind turbine system to supplement energy use at our maintenance building in Glidden. Glidden REC members can monitor the energy impact of the wind turbine. This will educate our members and provide the community a learning opportunity by demonstrating real-time renewable energy information, the effectiveness of small wind turbines as Glidden REC members assess the value of installing turbines on their properties.

To see the live data for the wind turbine click here.
The Skystream 3.7 wind energy generator is a 2.4 KW Residential Power Appliance manufactured by Southwest Windpower, in Flagstaff AZ, and is mounted on a 70’ tower. The three blades have a diameter of only 12 feet and the unit has only two moving parts.  Located in Glidden, with lower overall wind speeds, the small wind turbine has an estimated annual energy output of 4,429 kWh, with minimal, if any, wind generation during summer months.
You may qualify for federal and state tax credits and incentives to offset your investment in renewable energy. Find out more about Federal and Iowa Tax Credit incentives at

Contact a wind installer to help you with site selection, placement, system design, interconnection to electric grid and local zoning requirements.
Note:  This is an educational project only.  The Cooperative does not intend to sell these technologies and does not endorse a particular vendor.