Payment Options

Payment Options

Payment Options


Use SmartHub to pay your bill online, see energy usage, manage your account, contact the co-op, and more! New users will need to register the first time.

SmartHub Mobile App

Download the SmartHub App for your Android or iOS mobile device.

Pay Now

Use Pay Now to make a quick, one-time payment. No registration required! 

Automatic Payment - Credit Card/Debit Card

Save the trouble of writing a check and save a stamp by setting up automatic payments using your credit or debit card. Just fill out this form and mail it to our headquarters office in Glidden.

Automatic Payment - Bank Account

Don't have a debit or credit card? No worries! Set up automatic payments using your checking or savings account information by filling out this form and mailing it to our headquarters office in Glidden. 

Pay By Phone

To Pay by Phone 24-hours per day, call our 24-hour Secure Pay-by-Phone line at 888.846.2694!

Payment Dropbox

Leave a payment with the bill stub in a 24-hour dropbox at our Glidden office or Sac City outpost.